How to make Work From Home more effective?

ArticleHow to make Work From Home more effective?


Shivangi Srivastava

In many organizations work from home was allowed even before Corona Virus took place. As the situation demands now most of the organization allowing their employees to work from home, some of them made WFH mandatory for their employees. 

There is quite excitement among the employees who are working from home for the first time. WFH with some benefits of skipping travelling and time of getting ready for office is coming with its own challenges. To make sure that your professionalism and productivity is not going to affect, here are some important tips and suggestion about how to make Work from Home more effective.

Strictly follow the Routine

You need to simply follow the daily routine of your office timing so that you can properly maintain the work-life balance. Working from home can be taken as working with relaxation but it’s not true in all the cases. If you will not manage your routine properly, you could end up working 24/7. Work according to office timing and you will complete your work at time and enjoy more time with family as compared to messed up routine. 

Dress Up Decently

 At times working in your ‘Pajamas’ can make you lazy. Dress up decently and then start your work with fresh mind.

Have a Separate Workspace

 Search most quiet space at your home to get in the right frame of mind. You can complete the area with necessary furniture; a comfortable table and chair will be enough for working from home.

Have a Lunch Break

Most importantly while managing with your working hours you shouldn’t forget about having Lunch. Many times it happens that in work you skip your lunch, but in working you can’t take risk with your health. 

Tell your family members about WFH: When you are working from home there can be interruptions from your family members and that can affect your work quality.Tell your family about your work schedule to avoid this. 

Get all Work Essentials

 Keep all essentials like Notepad, Stationaries, Headphones, decent Wi-Fi connection, PC or laptop, and mobile connectivity etc so that you don’t need to leave your work and waste your time in getting all these.

At a time when coronavirus is spreading so quickly at the global level, work from home is the best thing we can do to avoid it at some extend. It will keep you protected without compromising your work. WFH can get really exhausting because there are no fixed working hours in it so stop working when you need to.Take a walk in middle of your work when you are exhausted, it will refresh your mind.

Follow these tips to make sure you that you are working effectively and staying safe & healthy at the same time. 

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