Hindon River serene when industrial waste stops falling in the Lockdown

ArticleHindon River serene when industrial waste stops falling in the Lockdown


Hindon River serene when industrial waste stops falling in the Lockdown

Report of Uttar Pradesh Pollution and Control Board: AQI level reduced from 500 to 100.

Ashok Nirwan

Ghaziabad: When the natural equilibrium on the earth deteriorates, natural calamities like corona come to balance it. While Corona is witnessing negative results across the country, the water of the historic Hindon River passing through seven districts including Ghaziabad in western Uttar Pradesh has started to appear clean and at the same time the environment of Ghaziabad has started to appear clean.

The waste of 316 industries of these seven districts falls in this river. After the lockdown since March 22, all the industries are closed, due to which the garbage is not falling anymore. Previously the water of Hindon looked smelly and black, but now the color of the water has changed. Lalram, Naresh and Rajneesh, farmers of Karhaida village, situated near the Hindon river, told that before the lockdown, the water of the river was very dirty and smelly.

They say that after the end of the lockdown, the government needs to pay attention to this. The government only needs to rein in the industries adjacent to the Hindon River, which dump their waste in Hindon without water modification. Apart from this, the atmosphere of Ghaziabad city has also become better than before. According to the latest report of the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, the AQI which had reached 500 has now slipped to less than a hundred. Regional Officer of Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, Utsav Sharma also admitted that pollution has been automatically controlled due to the lockdown, but the report of the quality of the water of the Hindon River is yet to come, although the water of Hindon has already been Appears clean and clean. According to published reports, the government of Uttar Pradesh has given the budget of billions to seven districts to make the Hindon river clean, the result of which was zero before the lockdown. Greenman Vijaypal Baghel, chairman of Paryavaran Sachetak Dal, says that Hindon will automatically become clean and clean from the day the government and district administration together to stop the waste falling from these 316 industries.

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