Fired due to coronavirus? Add these best skills on your resume

ArticleFired due to coronavirus? Add these best skills on your resume


Fired due to coronavirus? Add these best skills on your resume

Due to coronavirus pandemic, many businesses and companies are suffering huge losses. This has led to job cuts and salary cuts. Many people are anxious about their job stability. It’s quite natural to get such feelings considering the world around is changing.

If you are someone who has been laid off by your firm or you are dissatisfied with the salary cuts, then it’s time to make some interesting changes to your resume. Ideally, the skills section of your CV / resume needs a timely update irrespective of whether you are actively looking for a job or not. The skills section helps prospective employers understand the abilities you possess, which can help them evaluate whether you can succeed in the job role or not.

Here we present some important skills that you ought to add in your resume.
1) IT / Computer skills
2) Communication skills
3) Leadership and team management
4) Customer service (if it’s a part of your role)
5) Problem-solving and analytical skills
6) Time management

You can mention the above skills with a one-line example of how effective you were in your career journey so far. You can derive your examples by considering your past awards and achievements. You can also consider your personal skills or talent that helped you achieve your professional goals.

Last but not the least, your resume should talk about most of your strengths. Every HR knows the job description and hence, if you want your resume to stand out from others, think about giving it a personal touch by including milestones that you achieved in your earlier studies and jobs.

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