Don’t target Tableeghi Jamat in order to hide your failure and incompetences

ArticleDon’t target Tableeghi Jamat in order to hide your failure and incompetences


Don’t target Tableeghi Jamat in order to hide your failure and incompetences

Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Qasmi

Don’t target Tableeghi Jamat in order to hide your failure and incompetences
Dr. Mohammad Najeeb Qasmi

The whole world, forgetting all their disputes, is trying to prevent the Corona virus right now, without prejudice to any religion or caste or region, and all the skills are being put into how to minimize the loss of people. Even US President Donald Trump spoke to his rival China’s president over the telephone to benefit from his experiences in overcoming the pandemic. Although the arrogant Donald Trump was travelling the world with stupid comments on this disease and on China. He also traveled to India on February 23 and 24 just to roam, on which our government spent a large amount of money. If the US and India had started working together to prevent the disease from February until the US President’s visit, the issue would not have been this much complicated.

It is a sorrowful state that the media of our country wants to create hatred among Hindus and Muslims by spreading false propaganda about the global Tableeghi Markaz in Hazrat Nizamuddin (Delhi), even in this troubled hour and is trying to make Muslims responsible for spreading Corona in India. Although everyone knows that the disease originated in Wuhan, China, where the Muslim population is very small, no Muslim country or Muslim organization has accused China on the basis of religion.

The media is making a blatant attempt to discredit Islam and Muslims under the pretext of preaching by the media, which is why secular people in India are angry with the media’s attitude. Muslim organizations and institutions, despite their differences, stand with Tableeghi Jamat in this difficult time. We can fight false propaganda against Islam through unity only, otherwise it is my turn today and your turn tomorrow

Delhi Police has filed an FIR against Maulana Saad Kandhlavi on the demand of Chief Minister Kejriwal. But it is Kejriwal who had not even filed a FIR against Kapil Mishra and some others during the Delhi riots just a month ago. About fifty people were killed in the Delhi riots, hundreds of people were displaced, thousands of people lost their businesses and the secular role of India was questioned throughout the world.

At present, there is a question from the Central and Delhi Government, Delhi Police and the administration, who have taken an oath to work in the interest of the country that the Markaz in the mosque of Bangla adjoining Hazrat Nizamuddin Police Station has been running for 93 years. There are thousands of people coming from all over the country from time to time, from time to time there are global or domestic or regional consultations, and daily information about the departures and all this is recorded at Hazrat Nizamuddin Police Station. On March 13 and 14, with the permission of the administration, a meeting was held at the center which was attended by the people of foreign countries. It is the same date in which the Delhi Chief Minister called for a special meeting in the Delhi Assembly, which was attended by 70 members and twice of its numbers of service providers. During the same meeting, the Delhi government had passed a proposal against the NPR and NRC. The Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha meetings continued till March 23, ie 800 members in both the Houses of Parliament and more than 1,500 people who served in their service continued to attend till March 23. The entire game was played till March 20 in Madhya Pradesh to overthrow the Congress government and on March 23, he was sworn in as chief minister. While the gathering was underway at the Nizamuddin Center, on March 14 in Delhi, the Hindu Maha Sabha organized a program to drink cow’s urine to prevent the corona virus, even though doctors say that there is no cure for corona virus in the urine. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, along with large number of people visited the new temple on March 25, opposing the lockdown all over the country. The Prime Minister started the lockdown across the country within only four hours, and just a few days later, hundreds of thousands of people rushed to the Anand Bihar bus stop walking on foot to their native places. Then some buses were also arranged. The question now is why all these programs have been taking place in the country, especially how and why millions of people gathered from different parts of the hill despite the lockdown, who is responsible for the situation and why isn’t there any action against it so far?

After the lockdown, the officers of the Markaz Nizamuddin also requested the Delhi Police and the administration to evacuate the people who were trapped in the center, and according to the police, the Nizamuddin also had complete management of the vehicles. But why the Delhi Police and the administration did not take any action? Secondly, when the government, government agencies and the police are well aware that thousands of people are living in Markaz Nizamuddin all the time, they themselves have to go ahead to evacuate people trapped in Markaz Nizamuddin. Why not make any arrangements?

Finally, to avoid this pandemic, instead of doing politics of hate, the government should learn from its bad decisions and work together, then we can succeed. As we have to protect ourselves and the entire nation from this disease, we have to put an end to the hate that is being spread by the media in the country.

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