Corona positive 12 people traveled in Sampark Kranti and Godan Express

ArticleCorona positive 12 people traveled in Sampark Kranti and Godan Express


New Delhi: Corona virus infection is increasing continuously and new cases are coming up everyday. Many cities of the country have lockdown status. Maharashtra has seen the most impact.

Meanwhile, the Railways has revealed that 12 Corona-infected people have traveled in two different trains recently, after which there has been panic. Along with this, people who are quarantined are also traveling in the train, due to which traveling in the train is also not safe.

The Railway Ministry has asked people not to travel in long distance trains unless necessary.

The Railway Ministry said on Saturday that Corona virus was found positive on testing of 12 people traveling by two different trains. Of these, eight people had traveled from Delhi to Ramagundam on 13 March by AP Sampark Kranti Express and four on 16 March by Godan Express from Mumbai to Jabalpur.

He came to India from Dubai last week. All concerned have been alerted for necessary action. The ministry said that in addition to this, two people who were asked to be quarantined, despite the fact that they were traveling in the Rajdhani train, were taken off immediately.

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