Blood of our brave hearts must not go in vain

ArticleBlood of our brave hearts must not go in vain


Blood of our brave hearts must not go in vain

Ubaidullah Nasir

Blood of our brave hearts must not go in vain
Ubaidullah Nasir

China had once again shown it real face. After about 45 years it again cowardly killed our twenty brave soldiers including a colonel rank officer. This they did after assuring us that they will cooperate in de escalating the stand of at LAC.This has put a heavy question mark in already tense deescalating process between the two countries. For this brutal action at the part of Chinese army they don’t have the option to say that it has been done by non state actors like Pakistan use to say. Our soldiers were killed by Chinese troops when there was meeting between commanding officers of two armies. As per international protocols personnels from both side were unarmed but Chinese soldiers attacked our soldiers by iron rods and other such non fire arm tools. It was not only brutality but deception of worst kind.

The stand of at LAC is not new there have been such incidents earlier too. During even Modi’s tenure there have been crisis in Despang in 2013 Chumar in 2014 and Doklam in 2017. But these incidents were amicably resolved through diplomatic channels and flag meeting of commanding officers. Perhaps due to these diplomatic success and some sort of personal relationship between PM Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping government of India was complacent that this stand of too will be resolved after the meetings of two commanding officers. This complacency proved lethal for us. India could not turn a blind eye towards assertiveness of China in matter of border disputes with its neighbours, its simmering cold war with US and President Xi Jingping political ambitions of making China global super power pushing back to America. China has lasting border dispute with India.It gas never accepted Mc Mohan line.There is no clearly demarcated border between China and India only Line of actual control. China is not only eyeing a major part of Indian territory including entire Arunachal Pradesh. Not only in matter of border dispute Chinese policy is tightening noose around our neck.It has got Pakistan to meet its global ambitions. Qaraqoram Highway has made its access possible to Central Asia. Now it has got another ally Nepal by making transport possible between Leh and Kathmandu minimising Nepal’s dependence on India for supply of essential items. Thus China is surrounding us from both sides.

We must be realisitic enough to understand that at present we are isolated in our neighborhood we have annoyed Nepal by insensitive economic blockade of 2015 and two other time tested friends Bangladesh and Afghanistan by directly interfering in their internal matters through infamous CAA. The muscular nationalism displayed by our ruling class and embedded media are adding to our woes. State craft specially diplomacy needs sensitivity depth and foresightedness not muscle flexing.It is time to re look at our foreign policy specially towards our neighbours, We must realise that our bitter relations with Pakistan which our shortsighted political leadership and media have brought to the the extent of point of no return may politically benefit BJP but it is detrimental to our national interest. We should chalk out our diplomatic strategy keeping in mind that China needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs China. Thus Modi’s political illusions about China are unsustainable. Both Nehru and Modi are deceived by China but there is a basic difference Nehru was deceived when China’s real face was unknown Modi has been deceived by fully aware of its double face. Mrs. Indira Gandhi gave a befitting reply to China’s expansionist policy by annexing Sikkim to India and Rajiv Gandhi by annexing Arunachal Pradesh since then China is licking its wounds. India is a force to reckon with globally so it has always been an eyesore for China. During Nehru’s period it was jealous of Nehru’s popularity and India’s reputation in international community now it is afraid of our military and economic might.

China wants to settle border dispute with India on its own terms and benefits as it has done with its other neighbours by arms twisting. But it must understand that on this issue we are uncompromising and hard nut to crack. Internally we may have differences with our government as unlike China we are constitutional democracy with freedom of expression but when it comes to national integrity we are one. On the other the present government has to re look at its internal and external policies. An emotionally divided nation could not face external threats.Similarly an isolated country in its neighbour hood will always be intimidated by this or that neighbor which is what India is experiencing today. The blood of twenty brave sons of mother India must not go in vain it must be revenged.This is the time for reaffirming our commitment and resolve to protect the territorial integrity of our nation and protect the life and honour of our citizens.

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