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BJP is preparing for next assembly election in Telangana


BJP is preparing for next assembly election in Telangana

  • Politics of polarization will destroy the nation
  • Contesting GHMC election is just the preparation for the big fight

Ubaidullah Nasir

BJP is preparing for next assembly election in Telangana

It is unheard in the history of democratic India that a local body election is fought the way BJP is fighting the Greater Hyderabad Municiple Corporation election. Except prime minister Narendra Modi almost all top brasses of BJP including union Home Minister Amit Shah and Textile minister Smriti Irani and BJP’s national president JP Nadda are campaigning for the election which is being looked after and managed by another senior party leader Bhupendra Yadav. Mr. Yadav is the match winner of Bihar and has been staying in Hyderabad for quite some time. Services of two fire brand leaders UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Bangaluru MP Tejashwi Surya have also been pushed and both of them in their peculiar style of campaigning are giving communal colour to this election. Yogi ji has even announced that he has come here to change the name of Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar. He reminded his audience that he has done this in his home constituency Gorakhpur where almost all the name in Urdu have been changed like Urdu Bazar became Hindi Bazar Miyan pur became Mayapur and so on. He said that if Allahabad could become Prayagraj and Faizabad could become Ayodhya why Hyderabad could not become Bhagyanagar. However,it is difficult to understand that why Hyderabad will be renamed as Bhagyanagar as there has never been any city of this name around Hyderabad.The city was founded by Quli Qutub Shah who was first Nawab of Golkunda. After that city became over populated a new city was founded and named Hyderbad. Not only name change but in this local body election where roads, streets, electric and water supply, drainage sewer lines city transport etc. should have been the issue so called national but actually communal issues like abrogation of article 370, terrorism, infiltration, Rohangiya etc. are being raised.

Greater Hyderbad Municiple corporation is one of the biggest municipality of India but not as big as Greater Bombay that is occupied by Shiv Sena and where BJP has never tried to snatch it from its erstwhile ally. This Municiplity is comprised of four neighbouring districts Hyderbad,Rangareddy Sangareddy and Majilkar. Being the part of erstwhile Nizam state these four districts have more Muslim population than any other districts so Majlis Ittehadul Muslemeen of Asaduddin Owaisi has a grip here but has never been able to occupy the municipality. Earlier it was occupied by Congress and after the bifurcation of the state and formation of Telangana it was occupied by the TRS the ruling party of Telangana. According to the communal breakup there are about 40% Muslims and 60% Hindu voters for this municipilty. The strategy of BJP is to polarize the voters on communal lines. BJP’s game plan seems to be that due to its highly communal and divisive campaigning Muslims will polarize in favour of MIM and Hindus in its favour. Polarisation has always been the main electoral strategy of BJP in every election top from Lok Sabha down to Gram Sabha in certain cases BJP candidates use to candidly say that they don’t need Muslim votes. Surprisingly from PM to CM to party president to block and mohalla level leader every BJP campaigner blatantly uses religion and religious symbolism during their campaign but election commission remains a silent spectator. This politics of polarization is toring apart the national fabric and emotional unity of the nation is at stake but BJP is only interested in winning every election and never bothers for emotional unity of the nation.

Political Pundits are surprised that why BJP is showing so much interest in this municipality election.BJP has never been a strong force in undivided Andhra Pradesh even after bifurcation of the state into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh it could not get its food hold in any of these two states. But BJP is the party which never looses courage inspite of defeats after defeats and result is here for all of us to see. What BJP has achieved today is the result of untiring work of 100 years by RSS workers.They have saw a dream pf turning India a Hindu Rashtra worked for it tirelessly and are now in a position to realise their century old dream. So their bad performance in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and now AP and Telangana has not deterred its leadership to try and occupy these two states in next assembly elections in 1923. Greater Hyderabad Municiple corporation elections are just a preparation for forthcoming assembly elections. After Bengal assembly election in early 1922 BJP will deploy all its force and resources the 3Ms (Money media and manpower/RSS cadres) in Telangana and AP.It is a wakeup call for both K Chandrshekhar Rao who fooled Congress at the time of bifurcation of the state and deceived it after getting Telangana and Jagan Reddy who after being denied the chief ministerial chair by Congress high command aftert the sadfull death of his illustrious father parted with his parent party and formed his own party and won assembly election in AP. Both Chandrshaekhar Rao and Jagan Reddy are the supporter of Narendra Modi in parliament and have even supported CAA and abrogation of article 370 from J&K. MIM too is the follower of Chandrshekhar Rao and has not even opposed him when he supported CAA in both houses of parliament .Thus one time direct or indirect supporters of BJP are now face to face with it in this local body election and forthcoming assembly election too.

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