BJP has mastered the art of rumour mongering

ArticleBJP has mastered the art of rumour mongering


BJP has mastered the art of rumour mongering

But has been caught red handed in Bengal

Ubaidullah Nasir

BJP has mastered the art of rumour mongering

Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbles is considered to be the father of science of lies and rumour mongering . His famous quote “speak a lie hundred times and it becomes truth” is the guiding factor of all liers and rumour mongers of the world. Sangh’s propaganda machinery and BJP’s IT cell has left behind Goebbles and had he been alive he would have certainly joined this neo Nazi organisation for refresher course as it has left behind all the liers and rumour mongers of the world even Mossad could not match it. It has unmatched capability of creating a national hype of any issue it deems worthy of giving it political benefit specially in creating communal divide which is its life line. Indian Muslims and Indian National Congress are its main target. As per need of the hour it targets regional parties also but with regional parties minus RJD of Lalu Prasad Yadav it has a love hate relationship .Only Indian Muslims, Indian National Congress and RJD are its permanent foes and it permanently targets them. It has got wonderful expertise in spreading lies, rumour mongering, uploading false photos, character assassination, spreading communal hatred and in twisitng the facts. It is actually a well greased machinery, a well organised organisation having lakhs of paid, unpaid , regular, irregular, indoctrinated youths and supported by media specially electronic media that spread the lies and rumours within minutes all over the nation. Their expertise in rumour mongering and whispering campaign could well be understood with a two decade old episode when there was nothing like whatsapp, SMS, and social media they managed to make idols drink milk and millions formed the que all over India to offer milk to idols or make the whole nation run at a definite time of 6pm.

In recently held Bengal assembly election where BJP despite all its tricks and aggressive communal campaign was defeated it start another war of false propaganda and rumour mongering about the post poll violence. Though any violence could not be justified and must be condemned in strongest possible word but the fact is that political violence is not new for Bengal .But the way from prime minister to a talluqa level leader are aiming hue and cry is unimaginable even state governor who is notorious in breaking gabrinatorial limits immediately after swearing in ceremony started advising Mamata Banerjee to stop these incidents of violence .Mr Dhankad conveniently forgot that till Mamata Banerjee took oath the administration was directly under Election Commission and practically under union home ministry thus stopping post poll violence was his responsiblity as he is the reperesentative of union government . But the maonn strategy of BJP specially Modi government has always been to draw political mileage and for this the post poll violence in Bengal are blown out of proportion and as usual the IT cell of BJP is at work .It has started creating hype spreading rumour and demonising Mamata Banerjee .Out of zeal and as per their habit they displayed many false photographs to show how brutally TMC workers have killed BJP workers and have let loose a reign of terror . All the photographs diplayed by BJP IT cell were denied by local police but a photograph displayed by these thugs became a source of major embarrassment for BJP .It was the photo of a well known journalist who came out openly to condemn this blatant shameful lie of BJP IT cell claiming that I am alive and they are showing me killed by TMC workers but BJP has always trusted in offence is the best defence never yielded saying the photo may have been wrongly displayed but BJP workers were killed homes burnt and violence let loose is a truth . Yes post poll violence is the truth but it was not one sided BJP workers too indulged in post poll violence and according to sources out of 12 persons killed 5 were of TMC 6 of BJP and one of AIDF .

Post poll violence have also taken place in UP. After Panchayat election more people have been killed here than in Bengal but no such hue and cry is being made, no such hypes being created, no such false propaganda, rumour mongering is being done here simply because it is ruled by BJP itself. Every political party has double standard but the BJP is master of all the unethical politicial slugfest and this it has again displayed in Bengal but has been caught red handed.

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