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Author & healer Anushree Painuly receives Tagore Commemorative Honour

Tagore Commemorative Honour for 2021 was conferred upon author Anushree Painuly recently. The literary honour is an annual celebration of works of Indian authors in the novel, short stories, poetry, and drama. Anushree who is an actor and healer by profession has always had art and writing in her areas of interest since the start. Her debut novel “Sunrise Beyond The Dead End” has been critically acclaimed and well-received by the readers for its real-life approach and helping people connecting with their inner self. 

When asked Anushree about how she feels to have achieved this feat in her career, she said, “I sincerely believe that it’s not honors, awards or recognitions, rather the good your actions bring, the lives one touches and inspires, the difference one makes-which are the real achievements and parameters to determine how successful one has been in their journey. Indeed rest of the things are important too but they shouldn’t be the primary focus. Also, I would like to tell anyone who wants to step into writing or for that matter, into any creative field- your prime focus should be your craft. Experiment with it, improve it, enhance it. Be open to learning. Learn from the masters, from your peers, and don’t even hesitate to learn from your juniors.”

Sunrise Beyond The Dead End book takes a reader to gain an understanding of the major mental health issues of modern times – depression and loneliness. The inspiring book introduces a common man whose life turns upside down and how he meets five different people who give him the required strength to survive the dark times of life and walk ahead with a new perception. 

Sunshine Beyond The Dead End – A MUST READ book during coronavirus lockdown

On using words for healing emotional pain, we asked Anushree to share her advice for the ones who lost something or the other in these Covid-19 times. Anushree said, “Covid times have been amongst the worst times the world has ever witnessed. It brought an end to several small businesses, many people became jobless but the most irreparable of all losses has been the loss of lives. As for the former ones, I would like to tell these brave people that you have survived the worst. The winds are changing for the better, don’t give up now. Realize that the pandemic might have taken a lot but it still hadn’t been able to win over your life. As long as you have your heart beating and there is determination and hope in it there will always be a new day. There are many famous people who have failed badly in their endeavors multiple times and yet became a success story. As for the ones who faced the loss of life of any dear one, a line from my book- The ones whom we love dearly are never really gone. They always live in us, as a part of us, deep in our heart.

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