Taliban to take full control of Afghanistan govt after the fall of Kabul

ArticleTaliban to take full control of Afghanistan govt after the fall of...


Taliban to take full control of Afghanistan govt after the fall of Kabul

NewDelhi: Taliban is now set to take full control of the Afghanistan government, hours after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country for an undisclosed location. The militia spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said the troops entered Kabul to prevent looting and chaos amid the panic in residents, following the Islamic extremist outfit’s takeover of the capital.

With the Taliban on the verge of taking full control of Afghanistan govt defying any transitional and peaceful power transfer from the Ghani govt backed by the West.

Although, fears are looming large amid the locals that once again Taliban will go back to their tested harsh version of Islamic and Sharia rule which they implemented in their earlier stint of 1996 to 2001.

On Sunday, the Taliban reached the gates of Kabul and promised a new dawn of peace in the country, with amnesty to those who have fought against it in the last two decades. But the citizens who have lived under the Taliban’s brutal rule are apprehensive about their claims.

Taliban to declare ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’

However, the Taliban are appealing to Kabul citizens that “No one’s life, property, and dignity will be hurt and the lives of the citizens will not be at risk,”

But, people were in disbelief of the speed of rout, at which the Taliban seized nearly all of Afghanistan in less than a week, despite US and NATO forces spent billions of dollars in the last two decades along with its ally Pakistan to build capable Afghan security force.

Meanwhile, on Saturday US President Joe Biden authorized the deployment of around 5,000 US troops under emergency provisions to help evacuate citizens and ensure an “orderly and safe” retreat of defense personnel. On Sunday whole day after Taliban fighters reached Kabul gates helicopters were seen flying from the airport to the US embassy to evacuate the diplomats.  Mr. Biden said that he has told negotiators in Qatar that “any risk to US personnel will be met with a swift and strong US military response.”

According to the media reports Ali Ahmad Jalali, a US-based academician, and former Afghan interior minister are likely to head an interim govt in Kabul, though it was unclear that whether the Taliban had agreed or not.

The fall of Kabul is a major blot in the US longest war, which began with twin tower attacks on 11, Sep 2001, masterminded by al-Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden and harbored by the Taliban government. But US-led invasion has dislodged the Taliban from the Afghanistan govt.

$88 bn spent on Afghan forces which surrendered without a fight to Taliban

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