Home Article Adhocism and uncertainty in Indian National Congress must be finished

Adhocism and uncertainty in Indian National Congress must be finished


Adhocism and uncertainty in Indian National Congress must be finished

It is harming both party and nation

Ubaidullah Nasir

Adhocism and uncertainty in Indian National Congress must be finished

“Rakhiyo Ghalib mujhe is talkh nawai se maaf

Aaj kuch dard mere dil men sewa hota hai”

(Excuse me Ghalib for this harsh talk because to day I am feeling a bit more pain in my heart)

The entire Congress working committee has done a great disservice to the party by once again postponing organisational election specially the election of party president to end the uncertainty that has been plaguing the party after the defeat in 2019 general election when party president Rahul Gandhi owing moral responsibility of defeat resigned from presidency. At that crucial juncture the motherly figure Sonia Gandhi was bestowed the responsibility of interim president and she announced to hold organisational election with in six months but since then much water has flown down the jamuna but organisational election remained a dream .It is for the third time that these elections have been postponed due to surging covid cases. Earlier it was announced that party president election will held on 26th June but according to informations Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was first to demand postponement of this election and none in the CWC including “23 letter writers” who have first collectively demanded organisational elections agreed to this suggestion and uninamously the election were postponed for two to three months . And God forbid if third wave of Covid as is doubted surged the elections will be postponed again and the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab and two NE state will held in same uncertain position of Congress and the result specially in UP, Uttarakhand could be visualised even today. Only in Punjab Sardar Amarinder Singh on his own may lead the party to victory.

Since 2014 the party is facing defeat after defeat and where ever by a lucky chance it won like in MP, Karnataka, Goa, its victory was converted into defeat by wicked forces of BJP. But unfortunately party has not learnt any lesson and has never seriously tried to set things right to take on an enemy which is not only all powerful but one who does’nt believe in any ethics, morality, political value, constitution’s spirit and rule of the game, for it the end justifies means. To face this mighty and wicked enemy Congress has yet not been able to draw any meaningful strategy, what to say of strategy it has yet not been able to set its own house in order and the result is that defeat after defeat has become its destiny. The most tragic part of this is that there seems to be no hurry or even willingness in the party to re-organise itself and take on the enemy. Only Rahul Gandhi is fighting the lone battle against the dark forces of fascism and what support he is getting from his own party is there for every one to see. Like Abhimanyu he is surrounded from all four sides by enemies the Sangh parivar, its IT cell, the media his own detractors in party and the regional satraps etc. Rahul Gandhi is the only leader in India who has complete understanding of the problems plaguing the nation and with the help of experts he has combined with, has the solutions for these problems. He however, needs an organisation which could percolate down his ideas to grass root level.

The organisational elections are not like general election where massive rallies road shows and other “taam jhaam” are the integral part. This election could very well be conducted through postal ballots clipped with ID proof like adhaar card and AICC membership proof. This is the very simple thing and it is not that this idea would not have striked the best brains of the party, then why all agreed to the postponement of organisational election is difficult to understand .

After its crushing defeat in 2014 general election it was expected that the party will reemerge like pheonix but 8 years have passed the party faced another equally crushing defeat in 2019 general election and many assembly elections but nothing worthwhile was done to change the fortune of the party. In every state the party lacks a strong organisational network and leader who could generate confidence among people. Rahul or Priyanka could not be available everywhere and in every state .Only adhoc arrangements are made to take on the mighty enemy an the result is there for every one to see. For example in recently held Assam assembly election it was strongly believed that the Congress will defeat BJP but due to lack of chief ministerial face and strong organisational network percolated down to booth level, it faced defeat though got more 42.3% votes than BJP which polled 39.7% votes.

Both Congress and the nation are passing through the worst phase of the history. Both needs each other. Congress has the historical responsibilty to save the nation from economic disaster, social disintigration, international humiliation and territorial insecurity. If Congress failed to rise to the occasion and saved the nation from further deaths, destruction and disaster the history will not pardon it. The nation is in peril every idea, every ideal, every dream that our forefathers have seen for the nation is being crushed under the boots of fascism. Godse is overshadowing Gandhi .Another type of corporate slavery is becoming the destiny of the nation. Only Congress could change the fortune of the nation provided it put its house in order and get ready for the battle.

Time is ripe for change. The Covid related deaths and mismangement together with cruel political greed of BJP the popularity of Modi government and other BJP lead state governments has nose dived. UP Uttarakhand and Punjab assembly elections are due early next year. In Punjab it has not only Sardar Amarinder Singh and an strong organisational base and a very favourable atmosphere due to farmer’s movement. In Uttarakhand its main problem is factionalism though it has a popular leader Harish Rawat if it could overcome factionalism, manages consensus and projects him as its CM face it could easily win Uttarakhand. In UP though under able guidance of national general secretary Ms. Priyanka Gandhi and brave fight against Yogi government put by state president Ajay Kumar Lallu followed by social service it did during both waves of Covid and lockdown ,served migrant labours, stood with minorities during anti CAA movement that was cruelly crushed by Yogi government it has generated good will among masses. But due to the lack of organisational structure that should have been deep rooted upto booth level and projection of a CM face its fortune till today don’t seems any bright. The result of recently held Panchayat raj election confirms that Congress’s political fortune in UP is still under cloud. Still with generally acceptable chief ministerial face, honestly and timely (though it has become late) ticket distribution and with a well thought out caste combination and strategy it could put a good fight

Circumstances have once again put great responsibility on the shoulders of Congress party as it is the only national party which in spite of defeats after defeats generates hopes among masses specially down troddens, poors, minorities and among all those who believes in the idea of India. But it will not be possible with adhocism and confusion. Congress has to rise to the occasion and gear up for the final battle. By immediately conducting organisational election and under the newly elected President and deep rooted organisational base and strong state leadership it should come in battlefield with the killer’s instinct, ensure masses that it will bring back the past glory of the nation, will re strengthen democratic institutions and values that have been systematically destroyed by Modi government, will stop corporate loot, ensure economic and social justice and will remake what India was before 2014. Time is going out of hand a newly elected Congress President and a battle ready organisation is the need of the hour.

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