Political ambition devours true religious feelings

President of Hindu Jagran Manch outfit Sachin Sirohi led his supporters who recited the Hanuman Chalisa at a complex in Meerut; the outfit expelled him.
Sachin Sirohi

Meerut: A leader of the Hindu Jagran Manch led a group of people who recited Hanuman Chalisa inside a commercial complex on Garh Road in Meerut city. The purpose of the leader was to cut a swath for himself in the outfit by whipping up communal passion in the communally sensitive city. The blind ambition of the president of Hindu Jagran Manch Sachin Sirohi led to his fall like the Greek mythological character Icarus who wanted to fly near the sun with his waxen wings. As his wings melted, he fell into a sea and drowned.

Similar thing happened to Sirohi. After a video of offering Namaz at the Lulu Mall in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh, went viral on social media, kicking up a storm across northern India, another video clipping of the same event inside a commercial complex on Garh Road in Meerut came to light. When the issue kicked up dust again, the state government sought a report from the director general of police.

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Immediately after the group offered Namaz at the complex, the members of the Hindutva outfit recited the Hanuman Chaalisa at the same place. Sirohi led the people who recited the Hanuman Chalisa. According to reports, on getting information, the police rushed to the spot and took Sirohi into custody. As it was snowballing into a major issue, the Hindu Jagran Manch expelled him from the organisation. Sirohi has always courted controversies. Whether it is related to spitting on a piece of bread or it is associated with burying the body of a woman inside a house, he has always been in the eye of the storm. Sirohi was also associated with the ruckus that the members of his group created outside the police station in Kankarkheda area in the city.

The top leaders of the Hindu outfit have told him to keep away from controversies, but he never listened to them. Sirohi recited Hanuman Chalisa without taking any permission from the top leaders of the organisation. Nevertheless, his reciting the Hanuman Chalisa has nothing to do with Sirohi’s religious sentiments, but it has everything to do with his political ambition. When the police inquired into the incident of offering Namaz, they came to know that a few Muslims were making furniture at a shop in the complex a few days ago. It was those workers who offered Namaz at this place, but the other shopkeepers never protested against it. Nor did the owner of the complex lodge any complaint about the incident. The Meerut police sent a report, prepared on the grounds of the statements taken from the local shop owners, to the DGP. The Hindu organisation had to face a lot of criticism after the Hanuman Chalisa was recited inside the complex. A few members of the outfit dressed down Sirohi for his unwanted action and expelled him from the organisation. They also put the information on the official website of the outfit.