Farmer dies after tiger sinks its teeth into his arms in Katarniaghat area

Maharashtra's oldest tiger dies of old age

Bahraich: It must have hidden somewhere. As the dusk was descending, the forest around the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary near Bharatpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district was all shadows and sounds. It would soon be night. So, it was difficult to see anything hiding in the dark green woods. The 57-year-old farmer Ghanshyam Rajbhar was cutting grass oblivious of what was lurking in the twilight. Suddenly, death pounced upon him. It was a tiger. Before he could understand anything, the killer sank its teeth into Ghanshyam’s arms. Blood oozed out. A terrific fear seized him. Yet he yelled for help. The tiger ran away in the blink of an eye when other farmers working nearby rushed to the spot.

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They took Ghanshyam to the community health centre where he died. Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Akashdeep Badhawan said that there is a provision of financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh in cases of death due to human-wildlife conflict. But cutting grass in the restricted core area of the forest is a cognisable offence. In this case, a decision on the compensation will be taken according to the rules of the forest department, he said. Meanwhile, teams of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have been set up and two trained elephants are engaged in combing the area. Search for the killer tiger was on. The foresters said that they would soon find it out. On March 14 this year, a tiger killed a man in Katarniaghat. The incident of Wednesday was the second one in four months.

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