Crocodile enters school in Aligarh, creates panic

A crocodile entered a school at Qasimpur village in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. It caused panic among the students and staff of the institution. As they raised an alarm, a group of villagers armed with lathis rushed to the spot and put the croc in a classroom. The forest officials reached the spot, rescued the reptile and released it in the Ganga
Image by Monika from Pixabay 

Aligarh: A crocodile crept into the premises of a government school at Qasimpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district causing panic to the students on Wednesday, school officials said.

On getting information a team of foresters rushed to the spot to rescue the crocodile. According to divisional forest officer (DFO) Diwakar
Vashisht, the reptile has been captured and released in the Ganga. As soon as the children and the state saw the alligator, they raised an alarm. On getting information, villagers also rushed to the spot with sticks. They cornered the reptile and locked it in a classroom.

The forest department officials reached the spot and caught it, the school officials further said. Besides the Ganga which is very near the school, there are many streams around the village, so the reptile may have come through one of such rivulets, the officials said.

According to villagers, many crocodiles have been seen in various water bodies in the area. They said although they had written a volley of letter to the district administration about it, the officials did not take any action.

As the area witnessed heavy rainfall which filled the water bodies, the reptile had entered the school through one such rivulet, the villagers said. Vashisht said that the forest department had asked its officials to see how many crocodiles are in the waterbodies in the area.

Once they are found, they will be captured and released in the Ganga, he said.