Indira lost many for empowering Sanjay Gandhi says, Rita Bahuguna Joshi

 Rita Bahuguna Joshi

Lucknow: Before the launch of the book on former Chief Minister, Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, the discussion started all around the political arena. The co-author of the book and the daughter of Bahuguna, BJP MP Rita Bahuguna Joshi says that former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi lost many of the leaders including Hemwati, just because she wanted to empower Sanjay Gandhi.

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Rita says my father was not the only one who felt ignorance. There were many and all had decided to leave the party. They all were the men of principals. Talking about the book she says that there 40 thousand documented papers of Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna. She read all and then she wrote about the scenario of that time. She added, that all the documents are given to Nehru memorial museum so that they may be available to all.

Sonia knew what I have written

Answering the question of why all these things haven’t been written when she was in congress, Rita says that the first edition of the book was published in 1997. The comments about the relationship between my father to Indira Gandhi have been written then only. In 2007 many people tried to backbite about it.

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I am thankful to her that she said, whatever has been written leave it and do your work properly. The BJP MP says that during the covid time, I went through the documents once again and the elaborated version of the book is now will be among the readers soon. Besides this, the English version of the book is for the first time.

She says Amitabh was ‘Bechara’

In her book, Rita refers to Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan as ‘Bechara’. Talking about it she says that Amitabh was Bechara because he has been politically used by the Gandhi family. Amitabh wasn’t among them, who asked for a ticket even. He was given a ticket and he contested against my father. The election was between NETA and ABHINETA. My father lost the election. Soon Amitabh realized that he has been used, he left the politics and never returned. So he has been referred to as Bechara.