Eight organisations wish to adopt killer Lucknow pit bull

Germany banned breeding, owning and importation of pit bulls and three other ferocious dogs in 2000
Eight organisations wish to adopt killer Lucknow pit bull

LUCKNOW:  Pit bulls are too dangerous to be owned. The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, a fortnight ago, witnessed an incident in which a pit bull killed an 82-year-old woman, the mother of its owner who is a gym trainer. Eight organisations, however, sought to adopt the killer dog now kept in a dog shelter under the supervision of the officials of Lucknow Municipal Corporation and veterinary doctors.

There is a saying that when a pit bull goes wild, it does not even spare its master. This was the reason that Germany bananned owning, breeding and importation of pit bulls, Staffordshire terriers and Tosa Inu in 2000, because of their ferocious nature. There are many stories about pit bulls killing their owners.

It was December 2017. Bethany Stephens was taking her two pit bulls to the woods for a walk behind her home in Virginia. It was she who raised the dogs when they were puppies. She had a fine relationship with them. As they walked 1.6km in the woods, the dogs pounced on her. When the police came to know about the incident, they rushed to the spot, but the dogs were guarding the body that they had mauled. The canines were growling. The policemen were unable to take Stephens's body.

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Similarly, there was another tragedy in 1936. A 14-year-old boy Maxwell Breeze from Brockport, New York, was swimming in a local canal. A dog swam up to him and started to attack him and force him underwater. He drowned. The dog was presented before a court and awarded two years of confinement in its owner’s house. Nearly 500 people were present in the court to see the trial of the killer dog.

The pit bull in Lucknow is slowly returning to normal. Animal welfare officer Dr Abihhnav Varma said that the dog was behaving normally. It will be in the shelter home till July 27. It was not punished by any court. The dog was taken to the shelter so that it may behave normally.

An animal lover and MP of the Bharatiya Janata Party Maneka Gandhi called up the officials asking them to hand it back to its owner Amit Tripathi. The officials said that Tripathi had not contacted them after the dog was taken from his possession. If the owner does not claim the dog, it will be given for adoption, they said.

One of the persons who sought to adopt the dog is Amit Jani, head of the UP Navnirman Sena. He said that he had sent an email to the officials of the LMC, looking after the dog wishing to adopt it. In the mail, Jani says he has a pit bull named Brownie. He was ready to complete the formalities.

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It was, however, yet to be known what circumstances led the dog to kill the mother of its owner, who would feed the animal daily.