4 held for polishing off friend over iPhone brawl in UP

Superintendent of police

Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh): Four persons have fallen into Sultanpur police dragnet for polishing off a friend after he had accidentally damaged the iPhone of one of them, sources said on Friday. The murderers who identified themselves as Saurabh Pathak, Aditya Singh, Yashwant Singh and Abhinav Singh committed the crime on July 10. The friend they had liquidated was Gaurav. Superintendent of police, Sultanpur, Somen Barma, said that the accused revealed that Gaurav had entered into a brawl with them over a trivial issue. During the fight he had damaged Saurabh’s iPhone.

Barma further said that Saurabh had arranged for country-made with the help of his friend Yashwant and then shot Gaurav dead from behind near Patel Chowk crossing in the city. Both Saurabh and Gaurav had studied together in a government school for ten years. Gaurav was friends with some local toughs and used to threaten Saurabh and others. Once he had even beaten Saurabh and snatched money from him and from his other friends with the help of those toughs, sources said, adding that Gaurav had also broken the mobile phone of a friend Aditya.

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Barma said that on July 10 when Gaurav was going alone, Aditya shot him from a country-made pistol given by Yashwant and he slumped to the ground. The accused ran away from the spot. The police formed a team and traced the murderers with the help of CCTV footage and arrested them.