Bhavya, Akalpniya... 2025 Mahakumbh, govt sets the target

UP’s Yogi Aditynath 2.0 government

Lucknow: 2025 Mahakumbh should be grander than 2019 Kumbh. Chief minister Adityanath asked officials on Tuesday to focus on it. Adityanath asked officials to build 10k new pink toilets and double the fleet of electronic buses in 14 cities including Prayagraj. Reviewing the development works Adityanath asked the officers that they should focus on making 2.51 lakh houses for the poor in the next six months. He directed officers for working hard so that the ropeway services could be started soon in Varanasi, Mirzapur and Chitrakoot.

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He said that, the entire world has seen the 2019 Kumbh in Prayagraj. People praised it for its cultural values as well as arrangements of cleanliness. When the 2025 Mahakumbh is approaching, people will have more expectations from us and we have to fulfill it. 2025 Mahakumbh should be more divine and majestic. CM ordered the officials that important cities like Varanasi, Meerut, Bareilly, Jhansi, Gorakhpur and Prayagraj should be linked with metro services. 

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Develop Ayodhya as climate-smart city

Chief Minister ordered the officers that they should develop Ayodhya as a climate-smart city. He said that climatic conditions are becoming worse. We must think of it. He said that we should start with Ayodhya and it will inspire others too.

CM also floated an idea of developing an eco-tourism board. He said that plants more than 100 years of age should be identified and they should be declared as the heritage trees. They should be promoted so that the common man will get inspired and try to plant such trees for their upcoming generations.