Instagram rolls out parental control tools in India; allowing parents to monitor usage

 Social media platform says the intention is to promote safety for youth

Instagram rolls out parental control tools in India; allowing parents to monitor usage

On Thursday, social media platform Instagram launched supervision tools in India to let parents control and supervise their teenage children’s experience on the image-sharing platform.

Meta, the organisation that owns Instagram and Facebook talking about this announcement said they are working with experts, parents, guardians, and young people in India to understand the requirements. "The safety of our community is of paramount importance to us at Meta. Our intention is to strike the right balance for young people's desire for some autonomy when using Instagram, but also allows for supervision in a way that supports conversations between parents and young people when it is helpful,” said Natasha Jog, head, public policy, Instagram, Facebook India (Meta).

The parental supervision tools provide parents and guardians the opportunity to control the time their young people spend on Instagram, and view the accounts they follow, and the accounts that follow them. The tools are equipped to notify parents and guardians when their kids report someone.

Meta plans to collaboratively work with, a discovery platform for Indian parents. “Having a safe and enriching online experience is one of the top concerns parents continually have. We’re glad Instagram is rolling out these supervision tools in India, and we’re looking forward to partnering with them, so the parenting community in India is aware and equipped with these tools, and can initiate a conversation with their teen on it,” said Mansi Zaveri, founder & CEO of

To make the tool work on Instagram, parents, and guardians will need to send invitations to their young people to initiate the Supervision function. The Family Centre, which is available in English and Hindi, comes with an education hub where parents and guardians can access information from experts and review helpful articles, videos, and important tips on topics like how to talk to young ones about social media. It allows parents to watch video tutorials on how to make the most of the new Supervision Tools.

Meta is in talks with  Yuvaa, a youth media and insights company, to work together and drive awareness about these resources. “Young people today want to speak about their online experiences, but have apprehensions while doing so with their parents, because the generation gap for the Gen Zs has unfortunately become a communication gap,” said Nikhil Taneja, co-founder and CEO of Yuvaa.