Hanuman Chalisa row: No relief to Rana couple from Bombay HC; the bigger the power, the bigger the responsibility.

navneet rana husband arrested by Uddhavgovt

New Delhi: The Rana couple has got a big setback from the Bombay High Court. The Bombay High Court has rejected Navneet Rana's application. The HC said that both the FIRs are of different cases, so the FIR cannot be quashed. Also, the court told the police that 72 hours ago, notice should have been given to the police in the second FIR. The HC said that the petitioner is an MP and the other petitioner is an MLA. He has reprimanded Navneet Rana on Hanuman Chalisa in a public place. He said that the bigger the power, the bigger the responsibility. Representatives have a great responsibility.

The Bombay High Court said that both the petitioners are politically active. Both the petitioners decided to recite Hanuman Chalisa outside the private residence of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. After coming to Mumbai, both the accused announced to come to Matoshree's bungalow. The police officers had asked the petitioners not to do anything like this. Apart from this, notice was also given to both of them under 149 by the police. Despite giving notice, both the petitioners stood by their decision to go to Matoshree. There was a reaction in the society about this, due to which the law and order situation appeared to deteriorate and action has been taken against both the petitioners regarding this.

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At the same time, the second FIR was registered on 24 April. The counsel for the petitioner also referred to some judgments given by the Supreme Court, in which both the FIRs pertained to the same incident. Public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat argued that these are two separate FIRs of two different incidents. The public prosecutor said that the action taken on both the accused is about challenging the government machinery. He also told the court that the police officers were making requests to the petitioners but the petitioners were not listening to them and were not ready to cooperate.

The petitioners did not cooperate and argued with them. The public prosecutor told the court that when the police officers were trying to take both the accused out of the house in the vehicle, there was a scuffle during that time. The Court has also found that as the Special Public Prosecutor said - if a person practices his religious beliefs in another's house or in a public place, then that person directly acts as a hammer to the freedom of the other. People's representatives should behave considering their responsibility and everyone expects the same from them.

The Mumbai Court said that these two cannot be quashed as there are FIRs in separate cases. If any action is to be taken in the second FIR, then 72 hours notice will have to be given. Public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat has told the media that the court dismissed the petition of the Rana couple. The couple's demand was that the second case which was registered should be quashed. The second offense should also be included under 124(A). To investigate the matter, the police will also scrutinize all the videos made by him and by the media.

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