BJP trying to weaken opposition before Assembly, LS elections

Such efforts may give temporary benefits, but it does not augur well for party itself, says Congress
BJP trying to weaken opposition before Assembly, LS elections

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), however aggressive it may look, is feeling uneasy because of the rising prices, inflation and falling value of the rupee against dollar. Though it is not known what will happen in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, winning the upcoming elections in the states may not be a cake walk for the ruling party. Therefore, the party has planned to take its Operation Lotus to a new level by targeting opposition camps in states.

Aside from forming governments in states, the objective of Operation Lotus is to weaken the opposition parties by engineering defections. A senior leader of the BJP says that there is nothing wrong in it.

He says that the Congress will not let the BJP grow; in fact, no political party across the world allows its opponents to become strong, so the party draws up plans and goes accordingly. Fall of the Maharashtra government indicates that the Congress has weakened in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, he says.

Nonetheless, a professor of political science in Lucknow University says that this policy used to prevail in the ancient political system and in the medieval political system. But in a modern democracy, such policy may give immediate benefits, but not in the future, he further says.

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According to the BJP leader, defections from opposition camps gives an edge in the perception battle even before polls and that the voters of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh know that the opposition cannot challenge the BJP.

Sources said that the phrase ‘Operation Lotus’ was first used in the Karnataka assembly in 2008 when BJP leader G Janardhana Reddy had said that the party had drawn up a strategy to cross the halfway mark by engineering mass defections from the opposition camp.

A Congress leader, requesting anonymity, says that the BJP tries to cover up its failures by doing such undemocratic activities, but it cannot go on for a long time.  This only weakens their own camp, because in Madhya Pradesh, most of the cabinet ministers are from the Congress, and there is resentment in the party about it, whether the BJP leaders publicly accept it or not, he says.