Travellers prefer SmartBuses with on-board washroom

New Delhi, May 2 (IANSlife) IntrCity, a mobility platform, revealed the findings of a travel survey to better understand Indian travellers' behaviour and preferences while travelling inter-city. Results illustrate that with long due vacations, visiting family on weekends and work trips, Indians are enthusiastic to travel and yet cautious about hygiene and sanitisation. The importance of hygiene and safety among travellers has skyrocketed. 65 per cent of travellers prioritise travelling with an on-board washroom facility, while 60 travellers prefer GPS tracking enabled buses.
Travellers prefer SmartBuses with on-board washroom

<br>Kapil Raizada, Co-Founder & CEO, IntrCity, speaks with IANSlife about the discovery that Indian travellers prefer SmartBuses and are willing to pay more for the extra amenities. When it comes to modes of transportation, female travellers prefer safety, whereas men prefer punctuality.

What is the objective behind the survey? Can you elaborate on how the survey was conducted and who was it targeted?

Kapil Raizada: IntrCity, India's leading inter-city mobility platform, today revealed the findings of a survey to better understand Indian travellers' preferences while travelling inter-city. The objective behind the survey is to understand the current traveller's priorities as India moves to restriction-free travel and how has it changed after our last survey done during 1st phase of Covid. The brand conducts consumer surveys regularly to understand the needs of its travellers.

Survey Methodology: We performed a nationwide online survey of 3,100 persons aged 18 to 60 years old who travel between India's metros, tier-1, and tier-2 cities. The survey was conducted between March 15 and April 10, 2022. The data insights team analysed and validated the survey's results.

Among all respondents, 31 per cent are travelling for work, 32 per cent to meet the family on weekends, while 8 per cent are students travelling from or to schools/colleges.