Suspect serial killer falls into Police dragnet in Bhopal

Suspect serial falls into Police dragnet in Bhopal

Bhopal: The suspected serial killer, who has sent the administration of Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh into a tizzy, was arrested from Bhopal, the police said on Friday. The murderer has been involved in attacking six security guards in the district since May this year.  One of the four security guards attacked in Sagar died in a government hospital in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, on Thursday night. The accused has been identified as Shiv Gond. The police are interrogating the man.

According to reports, the police laid their hands on the criminal after he polished off a 23-year-old security Sonu Verma in Bairagarh area of Bhopal. On the grounds of the CCTV footage in the locality, the police arrested him from Bhopal. He confessed to murdering six security guards, including one in Pune.

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According to the police, the murderer, a resident of Kesli area in Sagar, was reportedly targeting the security guards sleeping during duty hours. He was working for a private firm in Goa and can speak English. Three murders within a week forced the residents of Sagar, especially security guards, to spend sleepless nights. He hit his victims’ heads with a hammer, a spade and stones.