No word banned, says Birla

No word banned, says Birla

New Delhi: Speaker Om Prakash Birla said on Thursday that no word was banned and that the members are free to express their views within the decorum of the House.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat issued a booklet on Wednesday banning certain words like ‘Jumlajeevi’, ‘Baal Buddhi’, and even commonly used words like ‘ashamed’, ‘abused’, ‘betrayed’, ‘drama’, ‘hypocrisy’, and ‘incompetent’. According to the booklet, these words will be treated unparliamentary.

There were many more words that the booklet listed as unparliamentary, including ‘anarchy’, ‘Shakuni’, ‘dictatorial’, ‘Tanashaah’, ‘Jaichand’, ‘Vinaspurush’ ‘Khalistani’ and ‘Khoon se Kheti.’ The booklet was issued just before the monsoon session of Parliament.

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As soon as the House met, there was a backlash over the issue. On the heels of protests from the opposition parties including the Congress, Birla said that no one can snatch that right from the members but added that it should be within the decorum of the House, reports PTI.

The Lok Sabha Speaker further said people unaware of parliamentary practices make all kinds of comments, adding that the legislatures are independent of the government. Earlier in the day, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted the “definition” of unparliamentary as “words used in discussions and debates to accurately describe the PM’s handling of the government, now banned from being spoken”. “New Dictionary for New India,” he wrote on the micro-blogging platform. But the Rajya Sabha Chairman and the Lok Sabha Speaker will have the last word in expunging the words and expressions.