PK said Bihar needs change; will travel 3000 km, may form a party

PK to form party

Patna: Poll strategist Prashant Kishor (PK) finally indicated that he will enter into mainstream politics during a press conference on Thursday. PK said Bihar needs change for development and growth. Though he did not announce the name of party, but told his plan. Said that in the last few days talks have been held with every section of the society. He is an advocate of new thinking, change will bring new sunrise in Bihar.

PK said that in the next 3-4 months, he will undertake a 3,000 km padyatra. It will start from Champaran. Will talk to about 17 thousand people. If most of the people are in favor of social justice and new thinking and after that, if we felt the need to form a party then we will announce it. He said that this party will not be mine.

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PK said, 'For the last 3 decades, Bihar has been ruled by Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar. Lalu ji for the first 15 years and now Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister of Bihar for the last 15 years. Lalu ji and his supporters believe that social justice reigned in 15 years of rule. The government gave voice to the people who were economically and socially backward. Nitish supporters believe that his government has focused and developed on economic development and other social aspects.

There is some truth in both things, but there is also truth in the fact that even after 30 years of rule of Lalu and Nitish, Bihar is the most backward and poorest state of the country. No one can deny the fact that Bihar lags in most od the development parameters. If we look at the path of 10-15 years, then it is certain that we cannot reach the heights through this path. Bihar needs new thinking and new efforts to come in the category of leading state. It can be debatable as to who can bring the new thoughts and new effort. I believe that the ability to think new and make new efforts is in every person.

'I have spoken to every section of the society in the past. I had discussions with about 150 people. Most of them want new thinking and change to come in Bihar. In the coming 3-4 months, I will interact with about 17,000 people of Bihar. I will travel 3 thousand kilometers starting from Champaran. If most of the people in this yatra agreed to the point of new thinking then we will certainly announce a political party.

PK came into the limelight by bringing Modi to power

Prashant Kishor was from the Buxar district of Bihar. He shot to fame after bringing Modi government to power in 2014. He is a proven poll strategist. He left his United Nations job and joined then Gujarat CM Modi's team in 2011. PK is credited with Modi's advanced marketing and advertising campaigns like Chai Pe Charcha, 3D Rally, Run for Unity, Manthan. PK runs an election strategy organization named Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC).

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