Monsoon to come 10 days early, may hit Kerala coast on May 21

Monsoon to come early

New Delhi: There is good news on the monsoon front amid the scorching heat and power cuts. According to the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF), the monsoon may come 10 days before in the country this year. According to the agency, the monsoon can hit the coast of Kerala only on 20/21 May. After that, it may spread to the rest of the country.

According to the agency, recent meteorological changes in the Bay of Bengal indicate that an anticyclone area is forming in the Arabian Sea. Due to this, the monsoon can reach Kerala soon. Due to its effect, rain may occur in other parts of the western region as well.

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IMD said - the monsoon will come on time

Meanwhile, IMD meteorologist Anand Kumar Das said that as per the information coming out from satellite images, there is every possibility of the monsoon coming on time. In Kerala, it may hit on June 1. He said that there is a group of clouds near the equator, which is quite active. It is indicating that the monsoon activities will pick up speed soon.

At the same time, Mahesh Palawat of Skymet Weather Services said that it seems that the monsoon will start around its expected time. If an anti-cyclone is formed, there may be some delay in the onset.

70% of rain in the country is from Southwest Monsoon

Monsoon arrives in Kerala on June 1 and spreads across the country by mid-July. Due to this, 70 percent of the total rainfall in the country comes from the southwest monsoon. Half of the Rabi crops in India are dependent on this monsoon. In India, good rains help produce a good harvest and increased income in the hands of farmers.

40% of farmers depend on monsoon

There are 40% of farmers in the country who are dependent on monsoon for irrigation. Farmers producing Kharif crops like rice, cotton, sugarcane, lentils, gram and mustard depend on this monsoon. Due to high inflation, food items in the country had reached 7.7 percent in March 2022, which is the highest since November 2020. Vegetable prices have increased by 10.6% and oil prices by 20.7%. Meanwhile due to high MSP and the Russia-Ukraine war wheat prices have also increased.

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