Industries to come along the Expressways in UP to provide jobs: Yogi Adityanath

Purvanchal Expressway

In Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government is going to open the doors of employment for the youth through the expressway.

Lucknow: Yogi Government is developing the expressway as a path of industrial development of Uttar Pradesh. Industrial corridors are being developed on both sides of the expressway. An action plan for this is being prepared and implemented. These corridors will give impetus to the industrial development of the state, as well as provide employment opportunities to the youth. This will also give impetus to the social and economic development of the surrounding areas.

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Yogi government is making continuous efforts for the all-round development of the state. On one hand, while continuous work is being done to strengthen the infrastructure of the state, the government is also busy in speeding up the industrial development of the state. For better infrastructure, a network of state expressways is being laid, and work is being done to construct industrial corridors on both sides of it.

Purvanchal Expressway

Purvanchal Expressway has started, while Bundelkhand Expressway work is in the final stage. It is likely to start soon. Gorakhpur Link Express, Ballia Expressway work is in full swing. Action is going on fast for Ganga Express also. The government is developing industrial corridors on both sides of them.

Expressway in Hundred Days

Industrial manufacturing clusters will be identified to finalize the development model of industrial corridors along the expressway in 100 days. Land will be purchased or acquired for 6 integrated manufacturing clusters along the expressway in two years.

Defense Industrial Corridor

The government will expedite the development of infrastructure at all nodes of the Defense Industrial Corridor in two to five years. Power stations, widening of roads, construction of link roads, drainage and drinking water arrangements will be made. Through this, the government will speed up the industrial development of the state, as well as provide employment opportunities to the youth.

Apart from removing bottlenecks in setting up industry in UP, the Yogi govt has done remarkably well in improving the ease of doing business. 

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