DRDO successfully test-fired ATAGS in Pokhran, it will add military firepower

DRDO ATAGS test fired in Pokhran

Up to 68% indigenization of defense equipment completed in India under Make in India

New Delhi: The Modi government has decided to do away with the category of 'by-global' by making radical changes in the defense procurement policy. Under this category, the import of defense-related goods made abroad is done. Instead, under Make in India, all defense equipment will be manufactured in India itself. In this episode, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has also taken another step. DRDO has successfully test-fired the 155 mm/52 cal Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) in India. This test has been carried out from 26 April to 2 May at the Pokhran Field Firing Range.

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Todd can replace Bofors howitzer

This is an important step in the indigenous modernization of the Indian Army. In fact, weapons equipped with modern facilities are doubling the strength of the Indian Army. In this episode, the indigenous Tod Artillery Gun System is a major achievement of DRDO's mission mode. This mission of DRDO has been produced by two other companies, Tata Forge and two firms of Tata Advanced Systems Limited. It is believed that the gun, equipped with modern facilities, will be the mainstay of the Indian Army's Tower Howitzer fleet, which can also be used to replace the Bofors Howitzer.

68% indigenization of defense equipment under Make In India

With its successful test, the Modi government has taken a step further in the direction of indigenous equipment. Quoting sources, it has been claimed that up to 68 percent of defense equipment has been indigenized in India. At the same time, the Navy is meeting 95 percent of its requirements in the country itself. The Indian Air Force is also in favor of indigenous production of fighter planes, helicopters, transport aircraft and drones. The Indian defense establishment is reviewing defense deals directly from abroad. Of these, possible proposals for defense purchases worth Rs 65 thousand crores have been withheld. Some other defense deals worth Rs 30,000 crore have also been put on hold for the time being.

India towards self-reliance in military equipment

After the new and historic change in the rules for defense deals, the entire capital allocation of the defense budget will be spent in India itself. There will be a provision of 'Level Playing Field' for foreign companies wishing to set up defense facilities in India and Indian companies partnering with them. Along with this, liberalization will be brought in the terms of export of defense-related equipment made in partnership with Indian companies to other countries. However, a negative list will be kept of some countries to which defense products made in the country cannot be exported. Apart from this, there will be an independent body for testing and certification of products.

New international equations after the Russia-Ukraine war

It is being told that after the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war for more than two months, the Indian government has shown speed in taking this decision. Because many big countries have been continuously expressing their intention regarding the relationship with India regarding the defense deal with Russia. Due to the dependence on military equipment made on foreign soil in international relations, the country's diplomatic options are expected to be limited. On the other hand, the big strategic powers of the world use only weapons made here. In Russia also there is a complete ban on the use of weapons made in foreign countries. Therefore, the BrahMos missile made under the Indo-Russian joint venture has not been included in the Russian army.

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