CAA will be implemented just after Corona wave ends, Mamta is spreading rumours: Amit Shah

CAA will be implemented soon

NewDelhi:  Union Home Minister Amit Shah said while addressing a rally in Siliguri, West Bengal, that ‘CAA will be implemented as soon as Corona wave ends’. He attacked Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee saying that TMC is spreading rumors about CAA that it will not be implemented on the ground, but I would like to say that we will implement CAA on the ground, as soon as the wave of covid ends. Mamta didi wants infiltration. CAA was, is, and will be reality.

The Union Home Minister said that after the violence that took place here after the elections, the Human Rights Commission said that there is no rule of law in Bengal but the rule of the will of those in power here. Here 101 people were killed, 1829 people were injured and TMC goons were found guilty in more than 161 cases.

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Attacking Mamta, he said that Mamta didi, even after electing you thrice, you are not improving, till you do not end the rule of atrocities, corruption, catastrophe and syndicate on the people of Bengal, BJP will continue its fight. Mamta didi has made Bengal financially poor. Bengal had 30% share in the country's GDP in 1947 which was reduced to 3.3% in 2022. Mamta didi will you answer to the people of Bengal?

He asked that if anything happens in the country, Mamta didi sends the delegation of TMC. Didi, 8 women and 1 child were burnt alive in Birbhum, why didn't you send a delegation there? Are you not your people from Birbhum?

Attacking the state government, he said that in the entire country, the cost of electricity is the highest in Bengal. If the price of petrol in the country is Rs 115, then it is in Bengal. Where there is a BJP government, petrol is available for Rs 105. Even today the poor here do not get the benefit of the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

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