Shri Krishna Janambhoomi Case: Allahabad High Court said dispose all the applications within four months

ShriKrishna Janambhoomi

Lucknow: In the case of Shri Krishna's birthplace in Mathura, the city of Lord Shri Krishna, the Allahabad High Court directed to hear several cases going on in the Mathura court together. Along with this, the court has also directed that hearing all the cases together and giving their verdict as soon as possible. Justice Salil Kumar Rai has given this order while disposing of the petition of Lord Shri Krishna Virajman and others.

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Hearing on the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi dispute of Mathura was held in Allahabad High Court on Thursday. During the hearing of this case, the court refused to interfere in the hearing of the original case. The High Court said that this is a very big and serious matter. The hearing, in this case cannot be ordered to be completed within the prescribed time limit. The court has ordered the lower court to dispose of the two applications filed by the petitioner along with the original suit. The matter was heard in a single bench of Justice Salil Kumar Rai. In the applications that the court has ordered to be disposed of, the first application is seeking a listing of all the cases going on in the district court of Mathura and hearing them together. On the other hand, in the second application, demand has been made to ban the entry of Muslim side at the disputed place. The High Court has ordered the disposal of both these applications within four months.

All the cases are going on in the district court of Mathura regarding this demand. About a dozen cases have been registered regarding this. One of the parties has filed an application in the Allahabad High Court and has demanded that the cases which are going on in the Mathura court should be heard at the earliest. It has been demanded by the petitioner that the Allahabad High Court directs the Lower Court to conduct the hearing every day. The time should be fixed there, till then the verdict should be given. Manish Yadav, the suit friend of the petitioner Lord Krishna Virajman, has filed two separate applications in the district court of Mathura. Commenting on the original case, the court said that haste is not right in matters related to religious sentiments. The format of the hearing will be decided by the trial court on the basis of facts.

The dispute is about a mosque situated near Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi. It is claimed that where there is a mosque now, there was a temple earlier. It is said that the Mughal rulers built the mosque by demolishing the temple. For some time now, there has been a constant demand that the disputed site, which is said to be a temple, should be handed over to the Hindus. They should be allowed to build a temple there and they should be allowed to offer prayers there. Manish Yadav, who filed the case in the Allahabad High Court, heard the petition filed in the lower court for daily hearing in the matter of Shri Krishna Janmasthan.

Allahabad High Court has directed Civil Judge Senior Division Mathura to decide the pending applications in four months as soon as possible in the demand of removal of encroachment from 13.37 acres of Keshav Dev's land attached to Krishna Janmabhoomi and issue of prohibitory orders against Sunni Central Waqf Board and other opponents. Have given. The petitioner says that the applications are pending since December 11, 20, which are not being decided. The Court has said that they have not expressed their views on the merits and maintainability of the case. The court has said that if there is no statutory impediment, then after hearing the affected parties, all the applications should be decided at the earliest. The petitioner says that he has sought cancellation of the degree of civil judge under the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure. Along with removing the encroachment and issuing prohibitory orders. Which is not being disposed of.

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