Rajnath Singh said in Lucknow- Our economy would have reached $ 4.3 trillion; if there was no Covid and Russia-Ukraine war

Rajnath Singh in Lucknow
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said in a program in Lucknow that the country's respect has increased due to India's powerful leadership.

Luckow: UP News: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that if there was no Corona and Ukraine-Russia war, the size of our economy would have been $4.3 trillion. Like India, there is a crisis of inflation in America and China too. The economy has been affected by Corona. There is no need to tell this. The World Health Organization (WHO) has praised our corona management. Exports from the country are increasing continuously. International trade is growing. RBI has taken steps to check inflation. The Defense Minister was speaking at the program Namaste Lucknow with Rajnath Singh organized by Lucknow Intellectual Foundation on Saturday.

He said that India's prestige, reputation, and credibility in the world have increased since 2014. Earlier India was not perceived positively and seriously abroad. Today America also listens to India and tries to implement it.

If leadership is effective then no one can stop the development. Defense capability and economy determine the strength of a country.

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The Defense Minister said that I know that no one can claim that the region has been developed in its entirety but whatever was possible was done by me. Ring Road was the dream project of Lucknow, it is being completed. The National Highway Authority has been asked to complete the ring road work expeditiously. He has also spoken to Nitin Gadkari to speed up his pace. I do what the people tell me.

Rajnath Singh said that 6 flyovers of Lucknow have been completed. Five more flyovers have been approved. A railway station is also being developed. Gomti Nagar railway station will become world-class. There is no money crisis. The problem of railways is that land buyers are not being found. He said that if the people of the state were not satisfied, it would not have been possible to form a government with such a majority.

Government will provide red carpet instead of red tape for business

The Defense Minister said that it has been proved in the Modi government that corruption can be curbed by bringing changes in the system. There has been charisma regarding the GST collection. There has been a collection of one lakh 60 thousand crores in April. The government has been successful in curbing corruption and leakages. The Red carpet is now available for business instead of red tape.

He said that India has made India feel its power from the Indo-China stand. India will not worry about the result but will not compromise on self-respect either. We do not want to depend on other countries in the security system. 309 weapons will be made in India. 68 percent of the budget will be spent on the domestic industry. 25 percent will go to private industry. Rajnath Singh was on a two-day tour to its parliamentary constituency Lucknow. 

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