Chintin Shivir: Its payback time for senior Congress leaders said Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi Chintin shivir


NewDelhi: In the welcome speech of Congress's three-day Chintan Shivir in Udaipur, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said- The party has given us a lot, now is the time to repay the debt. Sonia has given the advice to senior Congress leaders that in this testing time; now it's your turn to show your integrity and work towards the interest of the party. She also said that this brainstorming session is a platform where you can express your feelings and say anything about the party. But the time has come that we have to work for the interests of the organization. You must express your views openly, but only one message should go out of the organization's strength, strong determination, and unity.

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Sonia said- We are not oblivious to the failures we have received. Nor are we oblivious to the struggles and difficulties that we have to face. We are not ignorant of people's expectations. We have gathered to take this pledge, we will bring our party in the politics of the country in the same role that it has always played, the role expected by the people of the country in this deteriorating time. We are introspecting. Decide that if you leave here, you will leave inspired with new confidence and commitment.

Deal with extraordinary situations in extraordinary ways

Sonia said- Today there are extraordinary circumstances in front of the party. Extraordinary situations can only be dealt with in extraordinary ways. Every organization has to sharpen itself in order to survive and grow. We are in dire need of reforms. Strategic change, structural reforms and change in the way we do day-to-day work are the most fundamental issues we need. Our upliftment will be possible only through collective efforts. These efforts cannot be postponed any further. Can neither go ahead nor be avoided, this will be an effective step.

BJP is creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity in the country

He has made a big attack on the BJP and the central government. Said- BJP-Central government is creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity in the country. Minorities are being intimidated. Polarization is being done in the name of religion. Minorities are equal citizens in our country. This is a reflection of our old pluralistic culture. We have been recognized in Unity in Diversity.

Sonia said- Today political opponents are being targeted, and investigative agencies are being misused. Efforts are being made to rewrite history, in which efforts are being made to systematically downplay Pandit Nehru's contribution and sacrifice for the country. These people are glorifying the killer of Mahatma Gandhi and destroying the of Gandhi. He said- the old values ​​of the country are being destroyed. There is an atmosphere of insecurity among Dalit Adivasis and women. An atmosphere of fear is being created in the country. BJP is constantly trying to make people fight in the country.

Occupied the country in the name of religion

Earlier, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that what people would say during the UPA government was taken care of. Today these people have occupied the country in the name of religion. Religion caste is such a thing that you can incite riots. Now Rajasthan is number one in the target. Raid of rioters, CBI, ED starts. Their people are washed of milk, there is no raid on them.

Gehlot further said they do less but do more marketing we should also communicate our good work in the public to counter their propaganda.

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